Paco and Bebin

About us

Bebin Cypher and Paco Sutera produce colorful, functional porcelain in their studio/ home west of pacoBebinWimberley, Texas. Before moving to Texas and building their home in 1982, Paco apprenticed in England, worked as a production thrower in France, and established his own studio in Brixton. Bebin learned to throw in various studios in Texas and England, attended Bellas Artes in Mallorca, Spain, and worked as a production thrower in Barcelona. They have a large garden in the country and for the last 28 years have been selling their work at art fairs around the US. They’ve won best of show for their colorful pottery in fairs in Tulsa, OK and Wichita Falls, as well as several other awards.

Paco Sutera

I love clay, its malleability, its versatility, its limitations, its basicness. Clay challenges me. Shape fascinates me, combining unexpected shapes, the round with the angular, the flat with the fluid, into pots, lamps etc. I love color. Color is energy, excitement. There is a centuries old relationship between clay and color; and I feel very much a part of that tradition. Fitting decoration to shape is often surprising and stretches one’s ideas of what works and what doesn’t. I’m interested in most aspects of art, from folk art, Art Deco, to modern art. I believe my work reflects that. I like to say my influences are Neolithic to the future.

Bebin Cypher

I threw my first pot when I was sixteen and I’ve been addicted to clay ever since. In the cerebral environment of my prep school throwing was immediate, tactile, and virtually spontaneous. When I had to choose several years later between pottery and my interest in genetics it wasn’t too difficult. As for influences, everything that goes on around me has an effect. The plants in front of our house, the borders in my childrens books, and the details of a design on one of Paco’s pots are all fair game. I love the clean lines of Art Deco and the bright colors of industrial European design in the 1920s as well as Matisse and all things folk. Oh yes, I can’t leave out my fascination with Kandinsky’s geometric compositions. Lately I’ve become interested in more organic forms and shapes. As my bowls have moved up onto pedestals I see them growing and flowering. Could this have something to do with Paco’s crop of prize worthy zinnias? My head is so full of ideas I doubt one lifetime will be enough to get them all out.

A Partial List of Art Festivals Attended

Ann Arbor State Street and Summer Art Fairs
Naples National Art Festival
The Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City
Tulsa Mayfest
Uptown Minneapolis
Fiesta Art Fair, San Antonio, TX
Armadillo Christmas Bazaar
Austin City Limits
New Orleans Jazz Festival
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