angular red splash bowl



Product Description

Individually sized angular “splashed” bowl. Just under 3 inches high by 8 inch diameter. Great for oriental rice dishes and chopsticks, also a beautiful stand alone piece for a table or shelf.

The decorations of glaze stains are mixed into a wax solution and “splashed” with a brush. After the splashes have dried for a few days the background color is brushed on, the earlier splashes “resisting” because of all that wax. Although Paco uses this same technique to decorate a whole line of dinnerware, each piece is a unique expression of “controlled spontaneity” .

The colors on this are difficult to capture with the camera. The actual piece is brighter, with a true red.
Stamped with Paco’s cactus on the foot ring.
Fired to 2240 degrees F, producing a very durable product that does not scratch or chip easily that will be of service for many years. DW, MW oven safe and lead free.


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