green multicolor cross


Product Description

Slab made porcelain, decorated with glaze stains and glaze slips applied with syringes, a technique of Paco’s ongoing perfection. The effect is very tactile and resembles cake decorations. A very unique addition to a cross collection. 2nd photo shows side view of another piece of the same type decoration to show the 3D texture.
High fired porcelain, can be hung in shower or outside. Will not fade in sun or water.
All pieces in this applied glaze slip decoration of Paco’s are one of a kind.
7 inches high x 5.75 inches wide.
Plain matte white porcelain back, small hole for hanging with nail or screw near top edge.

The 2nd photo is of another piece in the same type decoration, shown to give an idea of the dimension of the decoration.


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